Mempool space plugin not loading

After successfully installing the Mempool ( 2.4.0~3) service from the UI, and all the Heatlh Checks show ‘Success’, clicking on the Launch UI button takes me to a new web browser tab that states ’ This site can’t be reached

b6fv6ld43xvlr4zkhotmg66o6dgjlbk5zqizbxx22nim2c2cr33emcyd.local’s DNS address could not be found. Diagnosing the problem.’

If I get a bash console in the Mempool container, what’s the best way to troubleshoot this issue? The same error appears in multiple web browsers, not sure if this is DNS related or something else.

Additional Info:
All three dependencies are installed
The logs don’t show any errors:

Hi there,

You probably do not want to post your LAN address as it is the same as your .onion - you can get a fresh address by re-installing Mempool if you’d like.

In regard to your issue, have you set up the LAN certificate on your client? Do your other LAN UIs work?

Thanks, I made some minor changes to my LAN address before posting this thread, and have reinstalled the service a couple time since (thinking the service was not installed correctly and that’d resolve the issue, to no avail)

I do have an Embassy LAN cert installed on the Windows box that I’m connecting from – Other LAN UIs do not work (Ride the Lightning)

Something to add here – after reinstalling the Mempool service, the TOR link is now accessible, but the .local still does not work – is this DNS related?

This is almost certainly Bonjour. Despite doing setup exactly right, this software often fails to function correctly. Please follow the guide to uninstall and reinstall Bonjour. It is the most painful component in the eOS ecosystem in my opinion. Something about running Apple software on Microsoft software??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully we can find a better solution in future - let us know if that works

Lifesaver! thank you so much!! I guess I should have read the requirements better the first time around – issue resolved now.

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