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Is it a coincidence that the start9 community uses the same board software as Umbrel???
Why is ther no “Logout” - Button - maybe there is a automatic logout funktion - but i personally feel more secure if i can logout by own action -

Why is there no “Logout” Button - maybe there is an automatic logout function - but I personally feel more secure if I can logout by my own action -

best regards from switzerland

Hello Uwe,

As for your first question, I am sure that is coincidental.

Regarding logging out of the community forum - You simply have to navigate to your notifications page (Profile - montuko - Start9 Community), select the Preferences tab, navigate to Security, and review all of your recent sessions under the Recently Used Devices section. There you will find the option to log out all.

Hope this helps.


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If you mean logging out of StartOS, that is under System → Log Out (at the bottom)