My Node is unconnectable in Lightning Terminal

I’m new in LN world so sorry for maybe stupid questions.
I’ve spending so many hours and I don’t know what is going on with my Node.
Everything looks good - everything is connected, Tor is working but I can not open any channel - even those huge one.

I have SATs on my on chain in Thinderhub but where I’m connected to Lightning Terminal it shows that my Node is unconnectable. Why? what I’m doing wrong?
This is the reason why I can not open any channel? Is the Tor problem?

Hi Marteen!
Have you been opening channels using Thunderhub? If yes, what error are you encountering? Lightning Terminal is not the interface for opening channels, you can use it to loop in/out or connect other clients to your LN node. Check TOR logs in “System > Insights > Tor logs” to ensure everything is okay, or connect to your server using the .onion address found in “System > Insights > About.” If it’s a newly synced node, it needs some time to propagate over the network and connect with peers. You can add peers using RTL > Lightning > Peers/Channels > Peers > Add Peer. Let me know if it’s helpful.

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Worth separating the two issues.

  1. “I can’t open channels” - that’s significant. As H0mer says… do you get some kind of error, or are you just unfamiliar with the process?

  2. “Random website doesn’t see me” - that’s probably fine for now, because you don’t have any channels. As H0mer says, this site has little to do with anything, and you don’t need to connect to it. And if you open private channels, it might always stay like this.

If you like Thunderhub, there are some BTC Sessions videos (a little out of date) that you might find useful explaining Lightning generally and how to open channels.


The only thing I use Lightning Terminal for is connecting Zeus to my node so I can do some managing, tracking with my phone and make some payments from time to time.

You can open channels with it. In fact you can batch open channels with it which saves a lot on fees. The drawback there is if any channel fails to open they will all fail and LiTerm doesn’t tell you which one fails or why so you can make adjustments and try again. I discovered that LNDg will also do batch opens and gives me actionable feedback when a failure occurs, so I use that now for batch opens.

If I didn’t need it for Zeus, I wouldn’t use it LiTerm at all. There are a few useful stats I can get there but if not for Zeus, it wouldn’t be worth it.

I have no idea why your node wouldn’t be reachable through LiT though. It could be as others have said: 1. Your node is not in the ‘graph’ because you have no open channels. In which case use LNDg, Ride the Lightning or Thunderhub to open a channel then come back to Lightning Terminal and/or 2. Give it a while for your node and channel to populate through the network graph then come back and try again. Note that if your channel is private it will not be ‘announced’ to the network or be picked up by Terminal.