Need help using ThunderHub "Onchain" address

I need help using ThunderHub “Onchain” address. The UI does not call it a “wallet”, and didn’t ever ask me to generate any wallet keys. I sent 30,000 sats to it as a test and now I can’t figure out how to spend them. The UI says the sats are locked.

Hoping someone can point me to an explanation of this so-called wallet? I just need to understand this better before I will trust ThunderHub.

My intention here is to be able to create a channel and/or rebalance an incoming channel.

I am an ex-Umbrel user and on Umbrel this was dead simple. Just trying to learn the new way.


I believe those funds are “locked” because the transaction hasn’t confirmed in the blockchain yet, so TH is preventing you from trying to open a channel with unconfirmed sats,

We don’t currently offer a way to get the mnemonic from LND, that is offered by Umbrel during initial setup. You can also use Ride The Lightning on your LND node if you’d prefer, that is officially supported by us (Thunderhub isn’t) and may offer some clarity.

The transactions are confirmed. I forgot Thunderhub wasn’t supported and is therefore not linked to BitcoinCore in the same way Umbrel is.

So, I’ll try Ride The Lightning, but I believe it is unaware of the Thunderhub LN address. I think I lost those sats forever probably.

No, it seems like there’s a little confusion here. Thunderhub and RTL are both just controllers that sit on top of your lightning node. They will generate addresses and open/close/monitor channels the exact same way. Any channel that exists on Thunderhub along with any onchain funds will be visible if you install RTL.

Yes, I am relieved. I can see the 30,000 sats also in Ride The Lightning. I feel much better now. Thanks. That helps.

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