Nextcloud as cloud storage on Mac

Hi! I’ve been trying to find a way to work with Nextcloud file storage as a remote cloud server without necessity to sync files from or to local directory (regardless, two-way or one-way). This is useful if you just want to keep your files only on Start9 server and not having to keep them locally on your machine.

For me the particular use case is with heavy files such as movies, pictures archive, other media content which I don’t want to use disk space of my laptop, while still having easy access (both to write and read). You can do it either by uploading files via web interface of Nextcloud or using WEBDav. Web-interface is not always practical especially with larger files and you can’t set it as destination for downloads from any 3rd party app. Hence - the solution is WebDAV. Here is how to set it up on Mac:

  1. Open Nextcloud app. Switch off folder syncing in the Nextcloud app settings.
  2. Open Nextcloud web interface.
  3. Click Files from the top menu
  4. Click Files Settings in the bottom left corner.
  5. Copy your WebDAV address.
  6. Open Finder in your Mac
  7. Click Go - Connect to server.
  8. Paste WebDAV address from (5)
  9. Select “registered user” and enter Nextcloud Admin Username and Nextcloud Admin Password from Start9-Nextcloud-Properties.
  10. You may want to tick “Save username and password in the Keychain” so you won’t have to enter it next time.
  11. Voila, you have server folder called “Embassy”, which you can add to sidebar in Finder for quick access.

Hope it’s useful for someone!

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Great guide; thanks for posting!