Nextcloud Memories Login Issue

Looking for a little help with an Andrioid installation. When I try to connect Memories to my RPi Start9 Nextcloud server, one of two things happens: 1) When trying to connect using certificate verification (checkbox not checked), I get an error message that reads “Error: Trust anchor for certification path not found” and it goes no further. Or, 2) if I check the box to disable the certification verification, I get a a page that says that “This site can’t be reached”. I am running on a vpn and it is set for the VPN (I am using the .onion address) to allow this service through. I am not sure where to go next. Any help would be appreciated.

Memories is brand new for Android, and may not support all connection methods yet. Have you tried using your LAN address instead of tor?

I have, but I get the same message saying the site can’t be reached

Have you set up .local access for your Android? Are you definitely on the same local network? Are you using a VPN? Also note that older versions of Android do not support .local addresses.