No LND seed phrase backup, correct?

I just wanted to triple check: When using LND on StartOS, there is NO option to backup a seed phrase for the on-chain wallet?

I have Backup configured, but I just want to make sure I’m not missing any options to backup the on-chain wallet.

Neither LND or CLN expose the key easily or by default, let alone as a seed phrase, and so some (like Umbrel) use device workarounds to derive an LND key from a phrase.

Start9 does this in the latest versions of LND, and exposes the seed in a screen within the LND service, if the seed was created freshly.

Otherwise the official, supported and correct way to backup LND is not with writing down words, but backing up the entirety of LND via the backup flow built into StartOS.

When you do this, you are backing up your private key, your SCB, all your channel information and your configuration.

A backup restoration then brings down all your channels with a force close (same as Umbrel) but you can easily restore to another server, a VM etc and get access to everything quickly.