Noob question about mac mini

I have flashed start9 on a usb and I have a 2014 max mini with no os on the way Can I install start9 on it or do u have to install macOS on it first. Ty

If you take a look at our Known Good Hardware Master List you will see that other users have successfully intalled StartOS on different Mac systems.

You might want to make sure all firmware on the Mac Mini is fully up to date with MacOS before you flash StartOS (nonfree version) using this guide.

I see. So I need to download Mac OS first. Ty

Set up the Mac mini Inserted start9 flashed usb drive turned back on and now imI’m getting this error. Couldn’t mount usb. Not readable. Ang idea?

Others in the community might know for sure, but sometimes Macs have hidden security files left behind on a partition even after reformatting. One option might be to boot the mac mini form an ubuntu live thumb drive and access the disk utilities on there and completely wipe the drive. This might allow StartOS to install and mount