On Windows, I can't connect to my adjective-noun.local anymore, but I could before

When using Windows, you may suddenly find yourself unable to access your Start9 server UI over LAN via a web browser. You might have tried to access via the IP and found that the server is online, and you might have restarted your router or server to no effect.

You might find on further investigation that you can’t connect to any of your bookmarked services via their .local address, but that you can connect over Tor or from other devices.


Windows does not have support for reaching .local addresses in the way that Mac OS and Linux does. This means we need to install Bonjour to allow for Windows devices to discover and connect to local network devices using aliasing in the mDNS protocol, something that Windows has never fully added support for despite its widespread use.

Sometimes Bonjour stops working correctly or stops working altogether. We believe these issues to be due to changes in Windows following updates and restarts.

The fix is to simply uninstall and reinstall Bonjour. On rare occasions you might need to do this more than once.

This dependency on Bonjour will no longer be required following the release of StartOS v040.

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