OpenMediaVault Backup

I have an OpenMediaVault NAS I’d like to use to back up my Start9 server. I’m struggling with figuring out what goes in the Hostname and Path lines for defining a new network folder in the Create Backup menu. I’ve generally tired to use the instructions for a Synology and TruNAS backup but keep getting "RPC ERROR: Network Error.

For the Hostname, I’ve tried the name of my SMB shared folder and the IP address of the OpenMediaVault server when that didn’t work.

For the Path, I’ve tried the relative path of the folder on my OpenMediaVault shared folder.

I’m probably missing something basic… I’ve attached a screenshot of one of my attempts.

Hi. Try to ditch .local from host name and make sure you have right username and password to log into your NAS. Shoud work.

I appreciate your reply! After trying just about every combination of the Hostname and Path above with/without “.local”, with forward slashes, back slashes, etc. I dug around my OpenMediaVault (OMV) settings and I discovered I had the incorrect hostname. In OMV under Network>General the hostname is displayed (and can be modified) and the “.local” ending was necessary to include to get it to work for me. All other inputs from my initial post worked once I sorted out the hostname.

Again, thanks for your help! I hope this post helps someone else out someday.