Pages used to work, now 404 Not Found

I had Start 9 Pages up and running for a few months now, but I checked it today and found the dreaded “404 Not Found” displayed. Nothing has changed with the server other than the standard services updates. Pages is version 0.1.7~4, the files are on NextCloud version 27.1.7. I have restarted Pages service but same issue. I’ve tried accessing via firefox and the standard onion browser.
Ideas what I should try next?

Hello. If your Start9 Pages service is running well, meaning Healthchecks are showing green, then you should check your Tor connection by inspecting the logs or attempting to connect to the main StartOS UI. If it’s not working, you can reset the connection by navigating to System > Experimental Features > Reset Tor. Let me know if that helps.

Health checks are all green that I can see. I honestly don’t know what the logs tell me, but after the full reset and wipe of previous state, It does say:
“Guard fuchs3 ($4FC26DC244109105AE131628BDB0C84F2D710941) is failing more circuits than usual. Most likely this means the Tor network is overloaded. Success counts are 114/163. Use counts are 102/102. 115 circuits completed, 0 were unusable, 1 collapsed, and 8 timed out. For reference, your timeout cutoff is 60 seconds.”
I’m still getting the 404 error.

Can you access any other Tor interfaces on your StartOS server? It could also be an issue with Tor on your client, so please try accessing some other Tor sites to see if you can connect. Logs looks normal. Have you tried to reboot your server?

I can access my vaultwarden, searxng and the start9 tor site ( http://privacy34kn4ez3y3nijweec6w4g54i3g54sdv7r5mr6soma3w4begyd.onion/) from both the tor browser as well a firefox which I use to access my server. I have reset the server. I think my next step is to uninstall pages, then re-install pages and start from scratch. I’m wondering if its an issue between pages and nextcloud.

404 means that it is connecting but not finding the path provided. There was a change in an update to Pages/Nextcloud regarding how the path should be entered. Please check the instructions, and edit your path (make sure you are using the correct Nextcloud user in that path as well).

Dave: Swapping the file location to filebrowser worked. I just copied my folder over there.
I’m still confused on the nextcloud issue:
Folder path: Start9pages/Personal
This is the file path in nextcloud:

Is there a required user name in the path? I don’t see that in the instructions

Not sure why its not working with NC. My config looks like that and its working.

Dave was saying that if you came up from older version of NC your username could be embassy not admin.

Woah! Your interface has a Username* area, mine does not!
Toggled both NC and Files and neither one gave me a username area.
I dont see any updates for any programs.

You need to change the ‘Type’ to Nextcloud. Filebrowser doesn’t require a username. I suggest visiting our support channels and asking for help there. It would be easier to chat back and forth.