Pending Channel stuck and error message at bumping fee

I set the fee too low and now my channel is stuck at ‘no priority’ with a low fee. I’m in RTL and tried bumping the fee but keep getting thus error message:

500 - {“Code”:2,“message”:“the Passed Output Does Not Belong To The Wallet”,“details”:}

There is no change output showing in mempool. I’m wondering if I can bump the fee by looking for the RBF setting inside my bitcoin node. Or is there another way to get someone to pick up the transaction (other than paying $250 at viabtc). What. Have. I. Gotten. Myself. Into.

This is the channel point:
And this is the unconfirmed transaction ID

Answered in Telegram, Mar-16.

With LND you can NOT bump a transaction if there is no change output.

Lesson: Don’t construct a channel of a size and with a fee where you spend 100% of your inputs.

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