Photoview 'could not get media' error

I installed file browser and uploaded about 7000 photos/videos to my EmbassyOne server via the upload tool.

I then installed Photoview. I launched the service, let it install, then launched the UI and logged in just fine.

In settings I ran ‘scan all users’ and it ran the job. It appears to have detected media via the admin user via /mnt/filebrowser path.

However when i launch my timeline and attempt to open a photo/video in Photoview is get this error:
“could not get media by media_id and user_id from database: record not found”

My media appears to be white boxes because it’s unable to render a thumbnail. It also throws server errors:
" Something went wrong
Server error: could not get media by media_id and user_id from database: record not found at (media)"

I double checked within my file browser service UI and the files are not corrupted and will open/play just fine.

I then uninstalled photoview and reinstalled it and got the same error again. please advise.
Please advise.

I haven’t come across this error before. Do you mind quickly letting us know what version embassyOS and what versions File Browser + Photoview you’re running?

embassyOS: 0.3.3

PhotoView: 2.3.13~3

File Browser: 2.22.4~1

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Hey @mechanic just following up here. You have any input or any other info you need for troubleshooting?

Sorry for the slow response. I have not seen this before and you’re on latest versions as well as having reinstalled PV already.

My hunch is that no one has had quite such a large number of photos before and it’s beyond what PV can handle.

This is incredibly disappointing. One of the primary reasons I purchased an Embassy was to enable a self-hosted “Google Photos” replacement. A way to archive and view my photos from my own server.

What steps can we take to debug and fix this issue? Is there someone from Photoview that we can loop in to help?

Hi Ocean, it seems this is a bug that is still unfixed in the latest photoview:

We’ve discussed discontinuing photoview, or at least moving it to the upcoming community marketplace due to various issues, such as slow fixes for issues like this. We recently released NextCloud, if you’d like to try that out, it should be a great replacement for Google Photos.

There are 2 options in Nextcloud - the Photos app that comes pre-installed, and the Memories app that can be found in the Nextcloud app store