Problem with Trusting Your Start9 CA on Linux

Hello Start9.
Having some trouble with the commands on the “Trusting Your Start9 CA on Linux” step. I’m a noob to terminal but can usually get things done through it. I’ve downloaded the .crt file, am able to install p11-kit. I confirmed its install but on the next step, specific to firefox, I’m getting:
mv: cannot stat ‘/usr/lib/firefox/’: No such file or directory
I have done some basic research and kind of understand the error but am totally stumped on how to resolve it.
I’m running Ubuntu 22.04 with stock Firefox
That said, Im very happy with the ease of the process so far and already see so many improvements over umbrel. Want to complete this task before i start messing with all the services. A little OCD like that :slight_smile:

The error message you encountered indicates that the mv command is unable to find the file /usr/lib/firefox/ This error typically occurs when the specified file or directory does not exist at the given location. Have you verified whether the file exists? If it is missing, you can check if it is located in a different directory or try reinstalling Firefox.

Hey thanks for the reply. I cant find the file so I will reinstall firefox and get back to you

It’s worth mentioning that “stock” Firefox on Ubuntu these days is installed using Snaps, a package system which jails apps, which can block some networking, such as .local access. We are currently researching the best way to deal with this issue, as it is the direction that most Debian-based systems seem to be headed. We’re also investigating a better way to do cert management, so if you come across any ideas while you’re doing this, please let us know. Otherwise, stay tuned to our docs for changes.

Edit: please try this in the meantime:

sudo mkdir -p /usr/share/ca-certificates/start9
sudo cp "adjective-noun.local.crt" /usr/share/ca-certificates/start9/
sudo bash -c "echo 'start9/adjective-noun.local.crt' >> /etc/ca-certificates.conf"