Query Regarding Pipeline Projects and 2024 Roadmap

Hi Start9 Team,

Is there a specific place where we can access information about the projects currently in the pipeline? It would be great to know about Start9’s plans for 2024, for instance.

Thank you for your dedication and effort! I’m proud to be a part of this community.

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Hello Dan!

I am not aware of any specific channel that Start9 is using to promote or talk about the future projects (besides the very detailed mission of the company). I would recommend for you to visit https://start9.com/ and subscribe to the newsletter, and also follow on X. https://twitter.com/start9labs Have a wonderful day and Happy Hosting.


Dan, you can also review the post shared by one of Start9’s Community Techs yesterday in the Start9 Telegram channel StartOS Support (link: https://t.me/start9_labs/73096/86681):

Basically 036 gives every interface of every service a unique port on the LAN, which allows for manually setting up VPN or clearnet connections. 040 will implement a combination of automated port forwarding, IP table configuration, firewall rule configuration, domain verification and assignment, subdomain assignment, dynamic DNS, and pay-as-you-go-over-lightning OR DIY inbound VPN for IP obfuscation

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Thanks! Yes, actually, I am looking for concrete projects, the implementation of a new app, and security and privacy improvements to better understand what updates to expect.
I’m sure Start9 team should have a precise and concrete roadmap, right?

I’d be happy to see what else the development/leadership team can share about the roadmap beyond the information I linked to in my previous post.

Can I ask you to say a bit more about your desired outcome and/or specific intention for asking?

Actually, I’ve been using Start9 OS for over a year on a Raspberry Pi 4, mainly for my node. However, I’m now considering taking a step further in privacy by moving most of my data from corporate OS to open-source OS. I’m not a developer, though. I tried installing and using the Linux distribution Debian, but it’s quite complicated, and I find it difficult to allocate time to learn, despite my keen interest. Start9 OS could solve my problem, allowing me to have sovereignty over my data without waiting until I’ve sufficiently mastered Linux. I’d like more details about the roadmap because I’m considering purchasing the ‘Server Pure’ when it’s available again, but I don’t know enough about Start9 OS’s evolution. Should I just keep my Raspberry Pi to run my node and invest in a self-configured and secured Linux server, given the unlimited possibilities, despite the long learning curve? Or should I use the Start9 kit now, which simplifies the process? My preference leans towards convenience, considering my full-time job and family responsibilities. At the same time, I need to trust Start9 and hope that the team continues their good work, that they have projects lined up for the coming years, are well-organized, and handle all the concrete stuff.

This is a long reply to your question about my motivation. I hope it’s clear, as English is not my first language.

P.S.: Does anyone know when the ‘Server Pure’ will be available?

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We do not currently maintain a roadmap due to the difficulty around predicting release dates. This difficulty is primarily because (especially at this time) we are building simple ways to use complicated protocols, and this has never been done before. You can track our progress easiest on our git repo (I highlighted the current milestone here, but you will want to poke around to see longer term goals). Pures are coming in on a weekly basis, but unfortunately are selling out just as quickly. If you want to send us your email (Contact | Start9), we can put you on a waitlist.

You mentioned that you are running a node on a Pi - please be aware that this is going to have a limited lifespan going forward due to the ballooning of Bitcoin’s required system resources beginning about 6 months ago.

P.S. Your English is great, I never would have known you weren’t a native speaker.


Thank you for your message.
I’ve reviewed your GitHub link. I am investigating whether your pipeline includes a project that facilitates effortless and permanent backup of my Start9 and all associated data to an alternative location; however, I was unable to find such a project.

I’s crucial for me to maintain at least one backup at home and another at a separate location to safeguard against fire or other critical incidents.
I would appreciate an in-depth discussion on this particular topic in the community forum, if possible.
Thank you for your dedication and your commitment to this meaningful Start9 OS!


Good morning Dan1,
I feel the same way that you do in regards to the concerns you posted above, I have been wanting to run my own Bitcoin node for some time, And I can say that StartOS has made that plug and play for my competence level which is beginner to novice at best.
As a Synology user I was able to find a guide in the Docs for procedure to create backup folder, I have not verified the recvovery of the system yet, and I believe I have read somewhere that the team is working on making automated backups a thing.
I am pretty impressed with my Pure and can’t wait to see what services the Start9 team brings to StartOS in the coming years!

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The features you are looking for are listed below, and all are slated for v040 (see milestone). For now, you can backup to an external drive, and physically put that drive anywhere you’d like - in a fireproof safe, buried in your backyard, in the mountains, etc. You can also backup locally, and then send that backup (which is encrypted with your master password) to a cloud provider of your choice.

FTP/SFTP Support
Automated Backups
Cloud Backups