Recovering Jam Wallet

Had an issue with the Jam app on my Embassy that resulted in a re-install of the app. The wallet recovery process is a bit more involved for a novice like myself, so I threw together a quick guide here to simplify it for anyone else who might need it, and is just a modified version of the Jam Docs guide found here.

  • SSH into your Embassy (I used the Start9 guide for Windows/PuTTY)

  • Then we need to get into the source folder for Jam by running “sudo docker exec -it jam.embassy bash” followed by “cd /src

  • Now that we’re in the correct directory, run “. jmvenv/bin/activate # if virtual environment is enabled
    python3 scripts/ recover --gap-limit=200 --recoversync

It’s now going to ask some questions;
“Input mnemonic recovery phrase: word word word word word word word word word word word word
Input mnemonic extension: (left blank)
Enter new passphrase:
Re-enter passphrase:
Input wallet file name (default: wallet.jmdat):” Be sure to include the “.jmdat” extension after the name.

After that it’ll ask if you want to enable fidelity bond, and then you’re all done.

I’m a bit embarrassed by how long it took me to sort that out, so hopefully this will save some time for anyone else should they run into the need to recover their wallet!


Thanks! Awesome guide. I believe they will implement the ability to recover wallets during initial setup at some point. I think it’s just a process of adding what’s already possible to the GUI.