Robosats stuck at "buiding your robot"

Hi there,

I know this topic has been covered a bit, but I’m coming from a slightly different angle.

I have Tor enabled in the background on Windows.
I have Tor enabled in FireFox.

When I try to connect to Robosats via the UI address given the service in StartOS, robosats gets stuck generating a robot. Ive waited for almost an hour, to make sure its not a slow connection issue. Everything else runs quickly with no issues.

I can connect to the public onion address given on the Robosats website through Tor Browser and it generates the robot immediately.

I’ve tried via StartOS Robosats service link.
I’ve tried copying service UI address and pasting in FireFox with Tor enabled.
I’ve tried pasting in Tor Browser.

The only thing that lets me generate a robot is Robosats direct link via their website on Tor Browser.

So Robosats builds a robot for me just fine when accessed via their website and not my own node.

I can load the service, but cant progress past building a robot.

Thanks for any ideas!

Hey @Spark, we have received a number of user reports about RoboSats describing this behavior. The RoboSats team is currently rolling out the 0.6.0 multiple coordinator features, and as such has scheduled downtime for about a week, which started on January 28. Here is the link to their update in Telegram about that. I believe this may the cause of the issue that you’re facing.

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Hi @Spark, Just a quick follow up that we had a user report that Robosats is up again now. Could be worth another attempt at this point.

I’m able to generate robot via connection through the service on my node.
Problem was on their end.

Thank you!