Root CA and its corresponding url

I’ve installed StartOS on a small PC and everything went well. I downloaded the Root CA file and installed it successfully on my Mac.

The Root CA file has a stupid name including a word which at first made me suspicious of malware, but it turned out to be correct. And the link to reach Start9 on the PC also uses a strange url (it’s something like “inactive_prize.local”)

That just seems… bizarre… but it’s correct. Are all Start9 DIY urls like that? I was expecting something more along the lines of embassy.local or start9.local

Is there a way to change it?

Yes, this is a perfectly normal URL. During the initial startup, startOS generates a random adjective-noun.local address and assigns it to your server. The only way to change it is to flash a new startOS and recover using the existing drive. There’s no guarantee that the new one will sound better, though.

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Gotcha! No worries then. I’m glad I know.

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I got lucky with one of mine, it’s called fast-clients.local. That won’t jinx its operation at all!

hopeless-eggnogg.local here. LOL