RPC ERROR: Registry Error Internal Server Error

RPC ERROR: Registry Error Internal Server Error /mnt/prod_reg_3_vol/resources/apps/sphinx-relay/2.2.9/manifest.j

This come up in a box on my embassy page. What does it mean and how can I deal with it?

Hi there, can you give us more details about what you were doing when this happened? What were you attempting to do at the time you saw this error pop up?

I haven’t logged on to my page for a couple of months, but when I did 2 days ago the alert was there in the top right corner. And Is still there.

I haven’t done much with my embassy since I hooked it up and started running bitcoin core. Im still trying to figure out how to use lightning core.

When you say a couple of months, have you done any updates since you first spun it up? What version of StartOS are you on? You can check by going to SystemAbout - > StartOS Info

Are you able to access any of your services?

I forgot to mention I installed the latest update yesterday to see if it would fix it.

I cand find systems, but under Embassy-Insights-About-Basic:
embassyOS Version

Yes, I am still able to access all the services.

I just restarted my computer, and when I went back to the embassy page just now I was prompted to hard refresh. Now the alert is gone. Thanks of the help

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