RTL - Can Not Open New Channel

I followed the Service Guide - Lightning / Opening Your First Channel:

  • CLN - Install / Configure / Sync
  • RTL - Install / Config / Connect to CLN / Add BTC

I opened a channel and used it to send one payment. I then inadvertently closed the channel.

Now, every time I try to open a new channel I get the message that the ‘UTXO is Already Reserved’.

Any suggestions? Thanks

Have the funds from the closed channel returned to your On-Chain Wallet in RTL?

If not, this looks like it is waiting for the channel close to be propagated over the network which could take a while.

The options you have are:

  • Wait longer for the funds to appear in your On-Chain Wallet in RTL and then retry.
  • Check on the On-Chain tab how many UTXO’s you have, because it appears you only have a single 1,000,000 Sats UTXO.
  • If you are in a hurry you can add more funds to your On-Chain Wallet to open other channels while you wait.

You can also check in with the RTL team who might be able to give you some more insight into exactly what is happening since nobody knows their software like them.

All the funds are back on chain in four different UTXO’s. I get the same error regardless of which UTXO.

The fact that the funds came back in 4 UTXOs seems to suggest that the channel opened and closed correctly… so the funds should be unreserved, but if this was in quick succession, it wouldn’t surprise me if there was a bug.

Some things to keep in mind

  • this isn’t a RTL issue, but a Core Lightning issue
  • it’s not a StartOS issue, and one we can only guide you in the right direction to solve

Ultimately you might need to reach out for help from the Core Lightning team, but I’d bet waiting it out would help.

Where we can support at a high level is making sure you have the tools needed withing StartOS to perform any actions needed to unstick these funds. The first step in that process is going to be setting up SSH…


Once you have that, I can show you how to run a command to show what is pending and what is not, perhaps even forcefully move the funds.

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Good Info - thank you. I will try the Core Lightning team next.