RTL Estimate Quote Button

For whatever reason on circular rebalance RTL does not show a “Estimate Quote” button assisting me an estimate for fees. Does anyone have a reason for this and or a fix? Would be nice not to guess. I know this isn’t RTLs forum but curious if anyone has seen this as well in Start9?

Honestly, there’s a reason why “estimate” is the word used.

Have you considered making do with the fee limiting option? Typically when you want to rebalance a channel, you want to do so without losing more sats than you earned while that channel went out of balance. You might have a rough idea of that amount, and so setting and attempting a rebalance might be the best approach.

You also have the option for autorebalancers too. Those will try to keep things balanced in a cost-effective and sometimes even profitable way.

Thanks for the suggestion. I was hoping to use it because I can’t seem to get any rebalances working on any small sat scale.

I have LNDg up and running but that doesn’t seem to be having successful rebalances either. I was hoping to get manual rebalancing working. I was doing rebalances at the 200 to 300 sat level but that seems expensive from all the videos I have been watching. Thankfully I haven’t burned to many sats this way. Ill call it the cost of learning.

Are fees really this high now?

My next step is to install rebalance-lnd and see what it finds for routes and sat fees do get a better idea as to what my expectations should be.

It’s tough to rebalance right now, and has been for ages. Especially because most of us have channels with these sink nodes… Acinq, Deezy, Boltz. Everything drains into them and you can’t rebalance out.

99% of my own rebalancing fails, and my LNDg is set to rebalance up to 95% cost (i.e. I hope to keep 5 % of my routing fees, basically nothing)

Fees are higher, I feel, than they’ve ever been (might are high too, for reasons on balancing) and it can easily cost you an equivalent to a low onchain fee to rebalance 1m or 2m sats.

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I’m assuming when you say sink nodes you mean the larger channel nodes that are onboard/offboard transactions. Is that correct?

I’m not looking to make a ton of sats but if its impossible to keep my head above water I might have reconsider my goals.

Any suggestions I would be greatly appreciate.

Sink nodes where all your liquidity flows to them and gets stuck.