Selecting to Prune my node is Warning Electrs will crash

Hi, I am new here, grateful for this forum. I don’t see my issue addressed, so feel free to point me to an answer if I am just missing it, thanks.

I am downloading Core and went to Advanced to prune my node.
When I hit Save, this warning appears:
As a result of this change, the following services will no longer work properly and may crash:

  • electrs

Any advice on how to proceed is appreciated. This is my daily driver laptop and I don’t have the space to run an archival node.

It’s one or the other I’m afraid.

If you want to run a Pruned node, then you won’t be able to run Electrs or anything that depends on Electrs. If you run Core in Full Archival mode, then Electrs will work.

You say you are running StartOS on your daily driver, so I assume you are running it in a VM.

My suggestion would be to build or buy a dedicated server, you’ll be much happier.

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Thanks for the reply. I realize I was glitching as I wrote that, since I have a Start9 One server, so I can run an archival node, and no need to prune!
If I want to run Knots when it is added, how would I go about replacing Core with Knots? (very non-tech, but can follow instructions :slight_smile: Is it better to ask this question in a new thread?

This will be documented when the option is available. For now, you would just install it in place of Bitcoin from a community developer if you choose to do so. We do not offer support for this, and it is at your own risk.