Separate drives for boot and data Vs one drive?

Hi! I have installed eOS successfully in a VM with Proxmox where I used one virtual drive with 16GB for the installation and another virtual drive with 768GB for the data. Both virtual drives are based on the same physical SSD. I just thought to separate them so I could easily backup and restore the base VM. But now that I play around with it I don’t see the need anymore since eOS has a backup of its own and reinstalling the OS isn’t that hard anyway. I have also encountered an error twice after some restarts where the system couldn’t find the sda drive to boot. So I am inclined to go with one drive for simplicity sake.
What do you recommend? Is there any benefit of having two versus one drive?

Eventually two drives can offer some advantages, but for now (Version 0.3.4~1) eOS only supports one drive.

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Oh I see!
I installed eOS on one drive and after the installation was complete I shutdown the VM instead of rebooting. Then I attached a second drive and during the first boot I was asked to choose where to have the data and I chose the second drive. The setup finished and now it works with those two drives.
But I will format it though to only have one drive since that is the official way for now.

I know Linux can mount an NTFS drive. can this be done in StartOS? And since I just started, I have no problem with starting from scratch and identifying a separate storage drive. If I do this will it wipe my existing NTFS data drive?

Yes, StartOS will wipe whatever drive it uses and format it.

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