Server One vs. Server Pure

Does anyone here want to please guide me a little, to know the difference between the Server One and the Server Pure? What could I do with the Server Pure that I can’t do with the Server One?

The Server Pure is what we deem to be the ideal privacy focused setup.
Having a disabled Intel Management Engine makes this hardware more expensive, therefore we came out with another option the Server One.

At this time the only service that can only work on the Server Pure vs the Server One is Stable Diffusion (AI image creation) due to it being optimized for the Intel processor.

At some point it will be made available for the Server One as well.

Thank you for the response with the info.

Having Server One 4 Terabytes for now, I consider myself well equipped, especially as far as BTC is concerned. Given that e.g. Adobe CC among other services, is also allowing us to generate AI images, I do not consider it necessary to take a step “forward” to get a device like the Server Pure. Now if there is, for example, some other implementation in the BTC-Core, electrs, LNBits, Mempool, noStrudel + Nostr apps, Thunderhub, RoboSats, BTCPay Server, File Browser, Lightning Terminal, LND, Ride the Lightning, SearXNG, Vaulwarden apps, I would like to know what Server Pure does better instead of Server One.
Is there a more detailed description of this? Our dear friend B.Perrin has a video on how to migrate from one device to another, but it does not show in detail what the differences are about what I mention above.

Server Pure offers coreboot firmware and Intel® Management Engine (IME) disabled. This provides a robust security profile that is difficult to achieve.

Server One is less expensive and more powerful, but it does contain closed source software.

Here is the comparison link: