Server Pure Backup Failed

I’m just started using a Start9 server and am inexperienced with networking issues. I got it up and running and have Bitcoin Core, Electrs, and Mempool running successfully. I accomplished one backup to my home computer but have since moved the Start9 to a new location and want to back up to a dedicated SSD. I successfully formatted the backup drive to EXT4 and the Start9 can see the drive. When I attempt to backup, it tries for a while but then concludes with the following error message: “Failed: Filesystem I/O Error: /media/embassy/tmp/(52numbers and letters)/.os-backup.cbor.tmp”. Does anyone have a suggestion on what I might try?

It sounds like you are doing everything correctly. ext4 is the correct file system to use. I would try plugging the drive into a different port, switching cables, etc. to see if it changes. If that doesn’t work you might try reformatting the disk.

Ok, thank you. I initially tried using the USB-C port but the disk did not show up so then I plugged it into one of the old USB ports and it did show. I’ll try a different port.

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I think there’s a part to that error that you’ve not added, that should come right after .os-backup.cbor.tmp and tell us what the actual error was.

There is nothing after .os-backup.cbor.tmp in the error message. The backup now works for bitcoin core and electrs but not for mempool. I did change ports and restart the server. Is it necessary to backup the mempool?

It doesn’t quite make sense that somewhat randomly some services backup and others are interrupted by an error. You might want to keep troubleshooting, and maybe try another disk or interface/case/cable.

Other than that… things like Bitcoin, Electrs and Mempool only back up your configuration and for the most part don’t contain anything important that can’t be set up again in the time as starting fresh.

Where backups make a lot of sense is where either the configuration is very specific to you and you need to maintain it, where there are files involved with things like Nextcloud or where you have lightning channels with things like LND and CLN.