Server pure disconnects/reconnects to home network every few hours

New start9 server pure disconnects/reconnects from my home network every few hours. Many times/day. it reconnects within minutes usually, not always. sometimes it powers off. Software is up to date, Ive shutdown, restarted, rebuilt, replaced ethernet cables, plugged into different UPSs. I have many devices on my network, but start9 is the only one that does this.

os logs attached

Hi @PeanutButter1

I’ll reply to your separate email, then post back here for others.

Yep, same guy as email…. Thanks!

@PeanutButter1 has a new Server Pure 2024. The initial batch were all shipped with a power supply that is rated for the power needs of that device. A small percentage of users, whether due to local power provision or the wiring in their home, sometimes had to device shut down under the heaviest possible load… such as when initially syncing Bitcoin Core, Monero etc. When not syncing or otherwise not pushing the device to 100% the problem typically won’t ever reoccur, but if it did at the start, it’s probably worth having us send you a slightly beefier power supply, such as the one we’re now shipping to @PeanutButter1