Server Redundancy

Are there any plans to add server redundancy in the near future?

I would like to setup multiple servers in various locations as backups to one another in the case of one failing.

Hi there - this is a dream goal of ours, but some additional groundwork is required in order to accomplish ‘multi-embassy sync’ in the way that we want to. In the meantime, it does not hurt to have devices in geographically dispersed areas for redundancy. You can store files using File Browser or Cryptpad, and sync files with Syncthing or the upcoming Nextcloud. You may for example wish to back up your Vaultwarden data to second location.

2023 will see us focused on connectivity and networking, which will open the door for better communication between multiple devices. Storage and backups will also see a lot of improvement this year in the lead-up to this feature. Unfortunately we have no ETA at this time, but stay tuned to see the pieces start coming together this year.