Spaming blockspace with images?

What is start9 team stand on this issue? You think guys this is genuine problem? Maybe embassy can imlement filter similar that is disucssed here?

Start9 has not yet taken a position on this particular issue, but we certainly have an eye on it. We are prepared to add tools to empower users as they are needed and if sufficiently demanded.

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Would be nice to have downgrade functionality in case you want to run pre taproot version.

We already have this feature, although I wouldn’t recommend it. If this becomes a serious fight, it is more likely that you would want to champion a dev to add an alternative Bitcoin node implementation to our Marketplace.

Agree. Makes more sense.

Inscriptions are not an issue. If anything, stimulating the fee market is a good thing.

I don’t care about jpegs in the same way I dont care about the transactions of others. Either way, I have to store information that has approximately 0 utility to me.

What about storing childporn on blockchain as a vector of attack. I dont think it is a good idea to use it for anything other than tx.

The question becomes, how would you stop that?

It has been possible to store arbitrary data on chain for years. Taproot didn’t enable it, Segwit didn’t enable it.

Introducing censorship to prevent valid transactions is antithetical to Bitcoins thesis.

I am aware of it. Nobody is talking about censorship (yet) but you can make it more costly to disincentives this. And from what I understand it also takes blockspace in a signficant way so what if somebody will clog blockspace like that. I stil remember Jihan spamming network in 2017 and it was not fun waiting weeks for you tx.

Also taproot introduced no limit in input script allowing to store data. So spamming bclok space with JPEG I woudnt call a valid tx.

Intresting article on the topic.