Sparrow as a service

Hi guys!

Wondering if there are any plans to add sparrow as a wallet to the marketplace. Reason I ask is that using whirlpool through sparrow requires the machine running sparrow to always be on. So as this is an older laptop I worry about overheating and wearing down of components. If the wallet was hosted on the embassy machine then those worries are voided. As another poster wrote coinjoins are sporadic and I wouldn’t care if I could get the sparrow wallet hosted on the embassy as it is always on anyway.
Also, I’ve seen posts that say Jam is much slower than whirlpool because wide adoption isn’t there yet.
Can samorai’s whirpool client also be added to the marketplace so we’d have more choices?

We would like to get this added, but the team is focused on the OS and so we cannot guarantee that we will get around to this in any kind of timely fashion. I have started a thread on the unofficial feedback forum that you might like to upvote. You may also like to ask the Sparrow team if they would be interested in packaging it, or see if you can find a community dev that might like to do so. In the past, users have accomplished this by paying the dev a crowdsourced bounty.

The same is true of the Dojo stack, which is highly upvoted. It is a bit more complicated due to the nature of their multi-container setup. It is possible, but would be much easier following multi-container support in the OS (no ETA at this time). In the meantime, we would highly recommend the guys at Ronin Dojo.

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Hey thanks for getting back to me. That unoffical feedback forum is a cool site too. Upvoted all that seemed useful to me and I will contact sparrow. Excited about all the changes especially on the communications side that are coming this year. Keep up the good work!


Just wanted to give a follow up here. The developer replied to my question about packaging with the following: “You should be able to download and install the Sparrow .deb packages to Start9 already, assuming it is running a Debian-based distro. Use the appropriate Sparrow Server package if there is no GUI.”

So it seems he’s already gotten it packaged. Since I’m a linux newbie and don’t really want to start installing individual packages I’ll just wait for it to show up on the marketplace.


There seems to be some confusion here. While our system is Debian-based, it is not a standard Linux distribution and it is generally advised against installing custom software. What we mean by ‘packaging’ is for the software to be loaded up with our SDK such that it can be interfaced with entirely in our UI. In the case of ‘headless’ (no GUI) software, such as Bitcoin or the Sparrow server, it can be connected to via a client, however it may make more sense to package the full software package, with UI, as is done with Specter.

Check out the Developer Docs for more info. If Craig is interested, we’d love to help get this running and published to our Marketplace such that users can get one-click access to it.