Spector vs sparrow

If you have Spector why would you want to use Sparrow?
Ive got both set up,and have no problems
just curious why I would want to take the time to maintain Sparrow?
Not very bright so go slow :crazy_face:

I am not as familiar with Spector but sparrow is great for utxo management, built in coin join and, custom fee settings, and interfaces with multiple wallets. Plus it has always been very stable. I am probably biased because that is what I started with. Does Spector have all theses same features? I know it does multisig but not sure about the rest. Plus to use a hardware signer you have to use two instances of sparrow (one one your server and one on your device with usb or other connection) So I think if you just want to run it from you server you are pretty much using a hot wallet (I could be wrong here) and would be glad if someone could clarify that point

It’s mostly a personal preference. Specter is available as a WebUI on StartOS, but you can also link Sparrow back to your node. One day the Sparrow server will likely also be available on StartOS, but no ETA on that at the moment. I personally use Sparrow and find it very powerful.


Thanks so much
I’m already using Sparrow,and went through the process of checking fingerprints, linking to my node etc
so I’ll just stick with Sparrow

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