Start 9 one connection issue

Tried a bitcoin core update, and it disconnected my computer’s connection to the start 9 one IP address. Now I can’t find the IP address that the unit is associated with???

Hi Ned,

You shouldn’t really be connecting directly via the IP address, not if you follow through all the steps of the initial setup process, started when you first set up the machine and then continuing here… Start9 | Trusting Your Root CA

What you should have is a unique adjective noun address like this… https://uniquerandomadjective-uniquerandomnoun.local

…this was, when you try to access the server and if the LAN IP address is changed, it will still resolve.

There are some things you can try here: Start9 | Common Issues

…and you can always get your server’s IP address from connected devices in your router’s UI.

Thankyou, I did follow all the instructions when first connecting my Start 9 One, and it worked fine … for a while. Now , it’s the 2nd time its lost it’s connection to my computer. I put in the pseudo name for the device into google search and all I get now is “ site can’t be reached “. The last time this happened,I used angry ip scanner and the device showed up, but not this time??

Hi @Ned, it is often helpful to see if this behavior is present on more than one client device. Have you tried accessing your server at its adjective-noun.local address on a different device, such as a mobile?

For your issue, you may want to consider utilizing our live support chat, via Matrix. We have reps available 6 am to 9pm UTC-6, 7 days per week.