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Hey everyone, I have definitely been loving the functionality and features of eOS. It is a million times easier than Yunohost and promises much better functionality then Umbrel (especially one it get clearnet support!). I really think it has the capability to revolutionize the self-hosting world. I think it could really open it up to the average user. I would be comfortable with suggesting it to the average, technically capable, adult.

However, I have also noticed that the community support is not nearly as large as what I think this project quite deserves. I don’t think the project is suffering or anything. I also don’t think it is that huge of an issue. What I do think is that instead of there being 43 active members, there should be 200+. This OS has the capability and flexibility to revolutionize the self-hosting market and I think it’s community can really explode.

What it needs is publicity. I’m certain that Start9 is working on this to a certain extent, but I also think that we (the community) can help a ton. We need to start sharing it. Then instead of us waiting impatiently for that service to be added by Start9 because we don’t have the technical skills, we can encourage the several software developers who joined from that reddit forum to do it.

Here are a few ideas for things that he community (and maybe start9) can do.

  • Forums (reddit, lemmy, any others you all know) Make sure to target the communities that would be interested (duh). i.e. Foss, opne-source, linux, self-hosting, docker (“I need help setting up a docker server” . . . . . just use Embassy.), Umbrell (“Will you be adding clearnet support and better backups?” . . . . just use embassy.)

  • Comments to videos and blogs surrounding the subjects. (i.e. Go to a video talking about how to build a server give the friendly suggestion of using Embassy)

  • Get it made popular on alternatives lists. Embassy OS should be listed as the #1 alternative to Yunohost and Umbrel on Alternatives To and other such websites. Seriously, I was able to create an account and like Start9 in less than 5 minutes. It’s very little work and helps to grow the popularity tremendously.

  • Get interviews and product reviews set up with podcasts, youtube channels, and other media. We could try Tux Digiatal, the New Oil perhaps, and plenty of others.

  • Set up an official Mastadon of other fediverse account (if already, please officially list it on the website).

Please remember to respect the community rules wherever you go. While embassy OS is probably better than the others, our goal is not to bash their products in their faces. The best way to to phrase it as a suggestion, rather than a “your an idiot of using this service.” Then you just sound like iphone users :smile: . The best case scenario is not that embassy gains a monopoly. The best case scenario is that they cause the rest of the competitors to up their game. That way there are many services out there that are constantly pushing each other to push harder and faster for better services.

If anybody has any other ideas feel free to leave them in the comments.
Let’s start making Embassy the 1# most popular sefl-hosting OS.


Wow, what a fantastic post!! Thank you very much for the kind words and suggestions. I want to pass along a few relevant links here:

1 - We recently fired up r/SovereignComputing
2 - We’re on AlternativeTo - give us a ‘like’ and suggest us against alternatives
3 - Here’s our official Contributing Docs - I think they could benefit from some of the language and tips you gave. Would you be willing to PR in some of this language to the docs repository where you think is appropriate? If you are new to GitHub, I’m happy to help you make your first Open Source contributions :slight_smile:

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Sure thing, I’d be happy to get it added into the docks. I took a look and it would probably go best in the contribute > promote section. I can leave the information there on the affiliate links or possibly incorporate it. Then I can fill in some generic ideas for marketing that the community can carry out.

However, I do have no experience with github. I have an account but my limit of skill is messaging devs and following projects. I do have experience with markdown though. How do I go about contributing? I’m assuming that it would be in the form of a suggestion instead of a direct edit of the repo. Something where I submit and alternative to the file. Or do I need to clone the repo? I am comfortable with the terminal, however, don’t know much about github. However, I would be happy to add that stuff in. It would be a nice skill to add to my toolbox. That lacking has kept my back from contributing from many projects.

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It is fairly straightforward to make docs edits via the github web UI, however if you do this more than a couple times, you will probably prefer to build the documentation. The instructions for that process are in the readme: GitHub - Start9Labs/documentation: User manual, developer documentation, and support for the Start9 Labs' Embassy devices, EmbassyOS, and associated services

We’re here to help if you need a hand getting started!