Start9 updates?

Hey, I was wondering why there have been no updates with start9 since November? I am assuming development is still being undergone. What is the plan for the future?

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StartOS is on the verge of a major new update 0.3.6. There is no official ETA but progress is being made rapidly. 0.3.6 each service interface will get a dedicated port, usable by protocol://IP:port (and the main .local:port) so people can manually port forward from their router to each service
0.4.0 will have user-directed automated port forwarding
This means you will have many more networking options and will not be dependent on Tor but still maintain privacy and self-sovereignty


Great! That will be wonderful. I am looking forward to it.


Great! I think one of the issues is TOR is very slow. I look forward to supporting the cause.

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