StartOS/Bitcoin Core stalled/looping?

I started the download/sync of the Bitcoin Core and was about 45 minutes and 8% synced when all the sudden the Status went from “running “ and the Health Check/synced showing the progress of 8% to the Status of “starting”, no health checks > then get health checks starting their process again> RPC good and sync at 8% then starts the cycle all over. It has been looping for over an hour, no sync progress. Is this normal?

I did try the “restart” button, same loop. Then tried the “stop” and “start” buttons same result

Hi there, sorry about your issue. Bitcoin Core is a bit of a resource intensive service, especially during the initial block download (IBD) process. Could you please confirm what hardware you are using for your server?

Hey Jeremy,
Thanks for the quick response.
I am using a HP Elite Desk from Start9, OS is up to date.
I am brand new to the server world. Found the “restart” in StartOS system settings to restart the server.

So far, that seems to have knocked it out of the loop.
Up to 20% sync now .

Any concerns in the integrity of my BTC core sync with these interruptions?

Thanks again,

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Shouldn’t be a problem with integrity. Now you just need patience and let it do it’s thing.

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