StartOS just stopped working


I’ve just successfully installed StartOS on my RPi 4, 8GB RAM. I flashed it on a 16GB SD card and connected 1TB Samsung SSD (I was running Citadel previously without a problem).

I managed to get it up and running, installed Bitcoin core and it started synchronizing without any issue. After some time, I came back to it, it was on login screen and I could no longer log in. It said “RPC ERROR: Database Error error returned from database: could not open file “global/1260”: Read-only file system”

I restarted it, after which it wouldn’t even load on the URL, so I connected by inputting its IP address. I used the restart button there, and it seemed that it has stopped working, but has resurrected after a while to show me an error screen.

Here’s a screenshot of the logs.

Any advice? I just don’t understand why it would just stop working.

I tried the system rebuild button and now I’m getting a different error

Please see the big red warning on our Pi DIY documentation. This hardware setup is not supported and we highly recommend against it. You may also like to read this recent response I wrote concerning the pi, and perhaps consider using different hardware. Pi users will have an exceedingly worse time in the coming months, and you risk data corruption every day that it runs.