Still running AmbassadorOS Version 0.2.3

Trying to update but when I click “check for Updates” I get

registry is unreachable

How can I upgrade?

Hi, that it quite some versions ago.

Support for 02x was officially dropped a year after 030 launched. The registry doesn’t exist anymore and that is why you are seeing that it is unreachable. Did you have any specific data on there you would like to keep?

If not, then you should just be able to start fresh by flashing version 0351.


Nothing important, just running a BTC node… How do I flash v 0351?

That would depend on the hardware you are running StartOS on?

Here is a link to our comprehensive DIY x86 & DIY RaspberryPi guides → Start9 | DIY


Thanks for the link! I’m running an Embassy Model S0 (CPU > Cortex-A72: 4 cores)