Stuck at login page

I finished installing the latest updates on start 9, and it restarted and eventually sent me back to the login page, asking for my password. So I typed it in and got this:

RPC ERROR: Database Error error returned from database: could not open file “base/16385/2601”: Read-only file system

Do I have the wrong password? I’m certain it is correct, but I can’t see any way to get past this

This error is indicating an issue with your disk. It could be an issue with the connection of your disk or it could be that your disk is corrupted. Is it taking you to the main login page or is it starting up in diagnostic mode? Can you post a screenshot covering up any sensitive info of course. Also, before doing anything you might simply try another reboot and see if it fixes itself. Next make sure you have a good connection with your disk. If it continues and starts in diagnostic mode, you can try disk repair.

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