Successful install on Lenovo

Install embassy on a Lenovo thinkpad t550 i7 8gb 2 tb have issue with font size bring small on the os and wanted to know if the os will continue to run if I close the lid on the laptop and also I have a umbrel node up and running on a raspberry pi for about 6 months and was going to shut it down, is it possible to use the ssd I have connected to it with the Bitcoin blockchain on it and connect it to embassy os on the laptop
Hope that not to much to ask

I dont know if it helps but there is this topic here.

Thanks. I decided to start fresh with embassy,
I am having an issue getting access to marketplace
On the Lenovo t550, any idea what would cause that.

No idea. Probably cant reach registry. I had no problems on my intel machine.

This is normally a networking issue - are you using an ethernet connection?

Yes I am using internet connection but not the best , live in a Rual area and have some what limited service, my umbrel node runs good but I guess embassy requires more bandwidth to work properly

Are you doing this over Tor or LAN? You should not have a problem getting to the registry as long as you have a connection. If you are on Tor however, it would not be surprising that you may not have a good enough connection. Embassy does not require any significant difference in bandwidth cost from Umbrel.

I am connected to the internet through my internet gateway via Ethernet connection, I have not setup tor unless it is running in the background on embassy os, not sure if it is , I using embassy os version 0.3.3 installed on a Lenovo t550 i7

Unfortunately there’s not much else I can recommend from this point. It sounds like your issue is with the network and obviously we cannot support all networks. You can test that this is the case by moving Embassy to a faster/reliable network and seeing if the problem persists, which I doubt it will. The only other factors could be custom firewalls, VPNs, etc that Embassy may have to go through. If you have any of those, try to disable for testing, or put your Embassy through “in the clear.”

Yes, I think You are Correct, since i reset my internet gateway/router, i have had more success connecting to the marketplace and downloaded some services.
I plan to set this node up from scratch , instead of downloading the btc blockchain would I be able to attach a ssd drive with the blockchain already downloaded on it from a different node i.e. (umbrel) only using the blockchain and no other info or service

You could follow the bitcoin blockchain copy guide:

But everywhere it says embassy-AAAAA, substitute in your umbrel. Substitute step 5 in that above blockchain copy guide for this part of part of this guide, where it says:

Optional: If you are also trying to skip having to do IBD on your Embassy, copy the Bitcoin blockchain data:

#Copy the blockchain from your umbrel to your local computer (this ~500GB transfer may take hours):
rsync -vr umbrel@umbrel.local:~/umbrel/app-data/bitcoin/data/bitcoin/{blocks,chainstate} ~umbreldata/bitcoin/
#Copy the blockchain data from your local computer to the embassy (this ~500GB transfer may take hours):
# IMPORTANT: In the next line, replace embassy-XXXXXXX.local with your embassy's hostname
rsync --rsync-path="sudo mkdir -p /embassy-data/package-data/volumes/bitcoind/data/main ; sudo rsync" ~/umbreldata/bitcoin/{blocks,chainstate} start9@embassy-XXXXXXX.local:/embassy-data/package-data/volumes/bitcoind/data/main/

You would replace embassy-XXXXXXX.local with embassy-BBBBBB.local, which of course would be your real embassy-adjective-noun.local name of the target embassy.