Support of LN Markets

Are you going to support LN Markets on Start9?

PS. I do NOT ask “when”, and the NOT asking is not an accident, just curious whether are you going to have LNMarkets in Marketplace.

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I would love to have LNMarkets - though increasingly services are going to be added by community members and service developers.

Of course there is nothing stopping you from packaging it, and we will be hosting a community marketplace that will make it accessible to the whole community (without needing to jump through the hoops required to make it into the official marketplace we currently host).

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Can you tell me what is LN markets?

For info: Step-by-Step Guide | LN Markets Docs
Umbrel version: GitHub - ln-markets/umbrel: LN Markets app for Umbrel !

Issue (as always) is finding someone who wants to package it. If anyone is interested in doing a ‘project’ - recruit a developer, crowdfund to pay the developer, etc. let me know - I’m happy to help / advise. I’m not willing to drive the project, but having done this once (CryptPad) I have some useful experience…

I would also encourage you to give this a try for yourself. Since it has already been added to Umbrel it should not be too difficult to sort it out on Embassy. Here’s our concise service packaging guide, with advanced explanations available in the same section of the docs: Start9 | Service Packaging

My advice would be to use Start9’s hello world example as a template, and the link provided by @Jesse to get an idea what you need to customize for LN Markets. Of course you can post here or in our Community Matrix Dev if you need help -

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