Switched wifi now getting gateway timeout error

Had everything set up then decided to switch wifi from Linksys to xfinity. Had the site bookmarked in brave and the login page pulls up but when I put my password in it gives me a gateway timeout error. Before I switch I shut down and logged out start os. Went though the root ca trusting certs on my laptop so not sure where to go from here. Novice beginner btw if you couldn’t tell. Any and all help muuuch appreciated.

The best option would be to check out our Common Issues Guide. This should clear up almost any connection issue you might encounter.
The official recommendation is that the server should not be connected over WiFi but connected directly with an Ethernet cable to your router. This should also help.
Let us know if you run into any other trouble or if you prefer you can come into our Telegram Support Channel where we can troubleshoot easier in real time.

“Had everything set up then decided to switch wifi from Linksys to xfinity.”

Please clear up any misconceptions I may have about this statement. But it sounds to me like your server, and the device you are connecting to it with, are no longer on the same network. The network called Xfiniti may not be yours. You may still be able to connect to your server using it’s .onion address, with the Tor Browser. Otherwise, you may need to connect an Ethernet cable from your server to the router, so you can get back in there to change back to your wifi network. Please note that wifi support is going away in a future version of StartOS. So if you could just leave it connected via ethernet, that would be best.

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