Synology NAS & Server Pro

I currently have a server pro. I have begun to play around with Nextcloud, SimpleX and Vaultwarden. I also have a Synology 923+ with about 27TB of space. Rather than keep adding data to the Start9, is it possible to use the NAS to store the data? Is this a good idea to consider? Since the Server Pro has 4 USB slots on the front, it appears that I could also opt to use an external Hard Drive. I prefer to use the NAS if possible unless there is a good reason not to do this. If the answer is yes to either using the NAS or an external hard drive, how would I go about setting this up?
Thanks in advance!

Currently StartOS only supports one data drive. And it can only be chosen during the initial setup. NC however has support for “external storage.” You could could setup WebDAV on your Synology NAS, and configure NC to connect to it. However, to me it makes more sense, that if you are going to use your Synology to store NC data, to just run NC on the Synology. You can find various guides for this in places like Youtube.