Test Tor Connection?

I’m unable to access Tor resources on my Embassy (not even the Tor main address). I am able to access other .onion sites.

Is it possible to test the Tor connection from the Embassy?


You can run this command:

sh -c "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/k0gen/embassy-toolbox/main/tor-check.sh)"

You must SSH in first to be able to do that - here’s a guide for that too if you need: https://docs.start9.com/latest/user-manual/ssh

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Thank you! The script fails on each of the three pages. I’m seeing TOR traffic allowed on the network. So…looks like I’ve got some sleuthing to do. :frowning: .

Are any services in a bad state? If they are they can break Tor on your system.

All services are green except for Core Lightning Node, which is “Catching up to blocks from bitcoind.” I expect that to finish tomorrow. I’ll give it another test.

I’ve also checked firewalls on the VM host, ADGuard Home (turned it off), and the UDM and none of those seem to be the issue…the hunt will continue once CLN finishes this weekend.

CLN should have synced much faster than that - if your Tor issues don’t cease, try stopping CLN, wait a short period then run that script again and see if it comes up.

Thanks. Appreciate your help.

I enabled UPNP on the network and got the same failure.
I stopped CLN and got the same failure.
I stopped all installed services and got the same failure.

So…maybe this configuration isn’t right. I blew it away and will try to do a VM with faster disk. And I’ll make sure tor works before installing anything.

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Usually a reboot is the best way to reset Tor. It wipes state and gives you fresh guard nodes. Don’t do this frivolously however, as Tor will prioritize nodes that have higher uptimes.

We have added some Tor tools to StartOS under “System → Experimental Features”