Tor Issues on Windows Device

Interestingly enough all of the other UI’s work. Just Robosats doesn’t go through to the UI

Well, what you run on your server doesn’t necessarily have any bearing on what you need to run on your client device. That those Services may or may have Tor versions of their interfaces is only important to you if you need to access them that way.

For example, if you only access those services from a Desktop that stays at home, then Robosats would be the only one you’d need Tor for.

Do go ahead and run Tor as a Windows service if you’d like to (and I’d recommend you start over for your own clarity) but if you only need to access Robosats… maybe don’t.

I’m not sure if you’re saying you can open the .onions of all your services except Robosats through Tor Browser proper, or via FF with the service running, but it would make no sense for it to just be one service… unless you’re actually opening .locals for the others and not noticiing. In any case, if it’s not just one service you have that’s not working, that’s a whole other problem, and perhaps you could start a new thread, that way we could leave mc-lemons in peace :grin: