Tor Issues on Windows Device


I ran across a few issues when trying to configure Tor on my Windows device.

First issue. I can’t get the Tor service to run. I followed the guide, created the service successfully, however, I got a failed error when trying to run it. See below

Second Issue/Question: Due to the issue above, I just tried accessing my server directly in the Tor Browser. After connecting to the Tor Network, I pasted in my server’s .onion address and was met with the below warning. I know I can click “Advanced” and accept the risk and it will work, but I wanted to be sure the warning wasn’t a sign of a true security threat/risk

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and appreciate any help that can be offered!

It looks like you maybe added the incorrect flag -ntservice instead of -nt-service

If not, then please report back and we can run through the process and troubleshoot a little more.

For the second question, the latest version of StartOS supports https for the UI over Tor, so this is to be expected inside Tor Browser as it’s not looking for your trusted CA - you can safely proceed, or use http.


Great catch! I’m not sure how that happened, as I thought I copied and pasted the code from the guide, but it is now working! Will this stay running after a restart?

One more follow-up question. I currently use and prefer Vivaldi Browser. I know they aren’t fully FOSS, but their team really does seem dedicated to privacy and I love their UI and the fact their Android app has real tabs! Anywho, with Tor running as a service, am I able to configure Vivaldi to access onion sites? Or can I only do that in Firefox?

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Yep, as a service it will run continuously in the background and on startup.

From what I can tell from a brief search, Vivaldi is pretty much against Tor but there is also apparently some kind of extension in their extension library that allows access to it (so I’ve read someone say).

Other than the word “Tor”, you could search for “Onion” and see what comes up. If there is something, then it might create it’s own Tor connection and you wouldn’t need the service. You’ll have to give it a go. But we recommend Firefox.

Ok, I’ll probably just use Firefox for Tor needs. I was reading how their privacy policy/EULA have progressively got worse over the years and while they are still FOSS, they collect/use your personal data now more then ever. Would like to hear your thoughts on that.

One more question regarding the Tor service. Does only .onion site traffic get routed over the Tor network when the service is running, or will all traffic being routed through Tor?

We owe a lot to Mozilla and to Firefox, and it’s still the best of the bunch I suppose. But probably fair to also criticize. There are things that can be turned off, configured and intercepted if you really want to.

Running the service and setting up the browser correctly will route onion sites over Tor but leave other traffic untouched. You’d be able to tell if everything was going over Tor as it’d would be a much slower experience.

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Have you tried LibreWolf? It is a Firefox fork with some more respect for privacy. I use this daily and I like it a lot.

I have not, but will check it out! Thanks for the suggestion. What are your guy’s thoughts on Vivaldi? Is it a non-starter since it’s not FOSS? It seems like privacy is their northstar and I love their UI (especially how their Android app has regular tabs like desktop browsers), but I understand that convenience often needs relinquished for security and privacy.

I personally do not use anything with a Chrome base, since we are in danger of a complete monopoly, but Start9 has no stance on the browser you use. We only recommend Firefox-based browsers because they have the most freedom and functionality in relation to our servers.

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Gotcha. Thanks for that perspective! Once you guys master StartOS, maybe you can build the browser everyone’s been waiting for! Until then, it appears Firefox-based browsers are the best choice, with the least amount of trust required.

We may one day. If we did though, it would likely be a FF/LW fork as well. Browsers are monstrous pieces of software these days.