Trouble backing up Embassy

I am having trouble backing up my Embassy to a hard drive connected to my Mac. When I click Create Backup, I get a message saying “gateway timeout”. Any thoughts and how to fix?

Are you certain that your Mac and Embassy are connected to the same network? It seems like there might be a connectivity issue causing this problem. Double-check the network connection of both devices to ensure they are on the same network. A mismatch in network settings can lead to timeout errors. You can try to restrt your embassy as well just to be sure its not some temporary glitches.

Were you able to get past the System > Create Backup initial New > Create dialog successfully? Did the share show up green like it was ready but then you get the gateway timeout error? Gateway timeout is kinda weird error to get in this flow, it’s like you lost connectivity to the Start9 server’s web server (a gateway timeout in http land is a 504 error, which would indicate that the webserver receiving a request could not connect to the upstream server - which I’m not entirely sure what that would be referring to in this case). Can you pop the browser console (CTRL+SHIFT+E or F12), go to the network tab, then try the backup again and capture the Response coming back from the request to /v1/? That might help us better diagnose exactly what’s happening.

I might add that we’ve definitely had issues with macOS correctly sharing an external drive. The username and password of the mac user that have permission to create the share may not be the same user that owns the files on an external drive - often the user is uid 0 which is root (macOS is BSD unix after all), which would mean the user who created the share doesn’t actually have access to write to the share. But a 504 error indicates something else went wrong so please lmk what the browser console says.

I was able to set up a new file on my external drive connected to my mac. I went through the Start9 instructions to set up the file. Everything worked. I am sure it was operator error. Thanks to all for their feedback!