Trouble with DIY StartOS install

I am having trouble with my StartOS install. My specs are:

• MSI Pro Z790-S motherboard
• 2x Samsung 2TB 970 evo plus NVME drives
• Intel Core i5-12600K
• Crucial DDR 5  2x 16GB

This is a new build with all new parts.

I am using a Samsung USB drive 128gb flashed with balenaEtcher. I have disabled secure boot in the BIOS and left it UEFI, on a side note it appears to not allow me to boot “legacy mode”. I flashed the latest BIOS to the motherboard. I installed Ubuntu on the system to verify everything works and benchmark it.

It appears that the installation of StartOS (startos- goes fine until I go to reboot after removing the USB drive and it just reboots back to the BIOS. I can force to a boot selection screen but no boot drive is available. Both drives are showing in the BIOS, I did try removing one of the drives and reinstalling the OS with only one dive in the system but the same thing happens, no boot drive found.

I have tried resetting the BIOS to default as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’m about 8 hours deep into this, hopefully I’m missing something simple!

Both UEFI and Legacy boot modes ought to be supported. It’s difficult to say what is going on here, as it sounds like you are doing things correctly from my position.

Just to be clear, you are using a USB drive to flash a 2TB NVMe drive (unless you are doing a low-level RAID setup, you will not be able to make any real use of the second drive, and may wish to remove it).

Are you certain that you have the drive as the first boot priority? If it were me, I would format the NVMe and try again with default BIOS settings. If it doesn’t work, I would change between Legacy/UEFI, as well as disabling Secure Boot.

Hey Dave,

I got it working, thanks for the response. It turns out it did require me to change the in BIOS to CMS (legacy) boot. The reason it would not change for me before is because I did not have a graphics card installed in the computer and CMS does not support intel integrated graphics (see picture) I could toggle CMS on but it would revert after saving BIOS changes and reboot. With the graphics card installed and CMS turned on it now boots every time to StartOS. This was all with secure boot turned off.

I was installing off a USB flash drive to a internal NVMe. I formatted my 2nd 2tb NVMe to exFAT from my laptop and then installed into my system and StartOS sees it, so I can use it for a backup drive.

Thanks for the help, I’m planning on posting a build breakdown with pictures in case anyone is interested.

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This looks like a similar set up to what i have.
Question for you, Are you running ubuntu as well as start9 on separate disks or just start9 on the bare pc?

I am running it on the bare PC. I was considering trying a dual boot or VM but for now I want to test out the bare PC for compatibility and reliability.