Trust Your Root CA on a Mac

Hi guys,
im new on this community. I succesfully installed Start9 OS on a 800 G2. But now, when i want to trust my root CA, i get stuck. Cause when i download that file, its called ****.cer. So i went online, YT and this forum trying to find a answer, but no luck.
The file everyone is getting ends with. .crt, while mine ends with .cer when downloading it. When i want to open that with Keychain, i can’t do anything with it.
How do i get that .cer file to be a .crt file?
Any help would be much apreciated. Thanks in advance!

If this is happening when you are downloading the Root CA from the initial setup window, you can try to download it directly from your server’s UI in a web browser by clicking on:

System → Manage → Root CA → Download Root CA

That should download the file in the appropriate .crt format.

Let us know if you still run into any trouble.

Thanks for your reply. When i do as you stated, i still get the .cer file and not the .crt file.
I have downloaded directly from my servers UI.
Using Brave browser by the way.


This is interesting. When i was typing that i was using Brave, i thought, lets use Chrome. There i do the exact same thing, and then i get an .crt file.

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Have you been able to trust the root CA now?

Yes i have. Thanks for all the help