Unable to access server / Server connection issues

Hi there, got my DIY server up and running for a few months but it went down while I was away and haven’t had any success troubleshooting it back up. Disclaimer: sovereign computing noob here :slight_smile: I suspect there is some network issue but have had no luck restarting, power cycling, rebuilding etc. I can’t access the server from any client devices via local, onion or IP. Server is on Purism laptop and it says it’s connected but if I search for updates I get the following error for example:

Server showing connected:

I can see my installed service running:

Nothing shows in Marketplace and Updates show Request Failed:

If i try open the user manual from the server machine I get the following error:

I disabled the firewall on my router to see if it was potentially an issue with the firewall but get the same errors.

I do see in the OS log that Tor gets stuck bootstrapping at 5% continuously - I’m not sure a Tor connection is required at all as I’m currently using the server as a personal cloud with NextCloud.

I had similar issues when setting up the server and if memory serves me correct I had success by disabling IPv6 on the server machine in Firefox (network.dns.disableIPv6) - looking at my router settings it doesn’t look like it supports IPv6. Everytime I restart the server machine this setting changes back to false - anyone know how to disable that permanently?

Anyway I’ve scoured the forums to try troubleshoot myself but not having any luck. any assistance would be appreciated. Two days ago I was randomly able to connect and perform an update from 0.3.4-4 but same issues plagued me after the update.

You definitely have networking issues here. The ‘connected’ icon is indicating you are connected from the client you are using, which is in this case just a connected monitor/keyboard. Are you using the nonfree image? Perhaps you need additional network drivers.

Thanks Dave! I’m really not sure, the friend who I bought the laptop from wiped it and installed StartOS for me - is there an easy way to check if the nonfree image was used? Assuming not, and I download the nonfree image, can I install that on the current server machine while retaining all the data on the server?

Able to connect via Wifi so the issue appears to be with the Wifi/USB adapter - will get a new one and test that.

When you ssh to your startOS server you can run:

cat /usr/lib/startos/PLATFORM.txt 

and should show which one you used.