Unable to connect to the server

I have not been able to access my embassy server from a Windows PC. I get a server not found error. I have reinstalled Bonjour, restarted the server and have tried all other suggested troubleshooting tips.
My launch error states StartOS disk not found.

So your server is inaccessible from a browser on a client machine.

Where is there an error related to a disk? What does it say exactly?

Attached is the diagnostic page I’m receiving. When I try to login to the .local, it just says it cannot connect - server not found.
I’m new to this and am not sure the next steps. Thank you.

(Any other tab you have open that displays a login box is just a cached page, you won’t be able to log in because StartOS is not running properly.)

I’d like you follow this flashing guide: Start9 | Flashing Guides

Follow the steps and flash the image according to the hardware you have (and please let me know what your hardware is in the meantime).

You’ll either see if you’re able to install StartOS again preserving data (“Use existing drive”) or not. If able to select “Use Existing Drive”, hopefully everything will be restored as is, otherwise you might be forced to recover from backup.

Let us know if you have questions at any stage.

I’ll try this now and advise. I’m currently on a new Windows PC

I have an Embassy that was purchased in 3/2022. I am going to need assistance please. Let me know when we can connect. Thank you

Happy to help!

You can find live support at these two locations: