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I moved residences, so my embassy was unplugged for a few days. I plugged it in, was able to connect to it, so I then initiated the updates. Now I am unable to connect to the embassy through Tor. Error says “Onionsite Has Disconnected.” I am unable to connect on multiple computers as well as my Android. I’ve unplugged it and reconnected it multiple times and with different internet connections, same results. I’m also unable to connect to any of the apps directly.

Please help.

Can you connect to your StartOS server via the .local address?

Having trouble trying to trust the CA certificate in tor browser… Any advice would help. Just thanks. Actually forget it. I realised i can just use a vpn and the secure https connection from any location without issue. Not got a massive threat model so should be fine. Thanks anyway y’all and lots of love <3xxxxxxx

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No, for some reason many months ago I was unable to connect using the local/lan address. No changes, just stopped working, so I was only connecting through Tor. It’s not just the embassy. I can no longer connect to any of the apps that are running. The embassy is powered up and connected to the internet, light are on, little dinging noise went off as usual when I restarted it. The problem happened when I started all of the updates. I came back to the computer and was unable to connect to the embassy.

Hey JSpartan, welcome to our community!

First, let me know what hardware you are running StartOS on and which version you’re using. Is this a Start9 server or a DIY project? When you mention updating, are you referring to a StartOS update (if yes, from which version are you updating) or an update to one of the services?

To start troubleshooting, follow the common troubleshooting steps, especially step number 6 (using the server’s IP in the browser). If your LAN and TOR addresses aren’t working, it’s possible your server is in diagnostic mode. Using your IP or start.local will provide us with more insights.

I purchased the original Start9 Embassy when you guys first started out. I’m pretty sure I was running the latest version at the time it stopped connecting. I was updating a long list of updates for the apps I was running when the problem happened. I’ve tried all of the troubleshooting steps already. Also, my data was recently backed up on my external.

Let’s assume it is in diagnostic mode like you suggested. How would I fix it?

To see the diagnostic options go to start.local or try your ip address. There you will see an error message that may give you a clue about how to proceed. One option is restart server. It never hurts to try that first. There is also the option for system rebuild and repair disk. Based on the error you see, you may need to try one of those

Ok, is there a way to get some one on one help in real time?

The error message when I go to start.local is:

Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site.

We can’t connect to the server at start.local.

If you entered the right address, you can:

Try again later
Check your network connection
Check that Firefox has permission to access the web (you might be connected but behind a firewall)

I’ve restarted it numerous times.

Thank you for your help.

If you haven’t already, come see us in the Telegram group. We’d love to troubleshoot with you, about the issue in real time.